Album Release: Tha Los, Night Off EP

Carlos Valdes (of CW's The Flash) musical alter-ego, Tha Los, has just released a brand-new EP, Night Off. It's a little bit funk, a little bit jazz fusion, a little bit smooth 70s pop, a little bit retro stag film soundtrack, a little bit dirty disco. It's available via iTunes and bandcamp

Producing this one was a total blast - we did it old-fashioned, with no click track (okay, one song has click track, but I won't tell you which), no headphones, all basic tracking done live in the same room. A killer band - Carlos on bass and vocals, AJ Holmes on keyboards, Brent Michael DiRoma on guitar, and Jamie Donald Eblen (currently drumming on Broadway in Honeymoon in Vegas, which you should totally see if you haven't) on drums. Plus some amazing horn players and backup singers. We tracked in the beautiful Relic Room NYC with Tom Rosato and Josh Hahn.

Old-school recording. All live, minimal processing, minimal dynamic range compression. 

There's a supercut of it and some previews on this site (under "Producer-Arranger") - check it out, and buy a copy! Carlos is trying an experiment where instead of promoting the record, he lets people discover it. Well, go discover it right now - you won't be disappointed.